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Posted by at 10 November , 2014

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Design and marketing trends used to be a thing of the fashion world. As the year draws to an end, fashion gurus would usually rush in predicting (or conditioning people’s minds) about the succeeding year’s trending designs for clothing and accessories. In the age of the internet, there are web designs that can be considered fashionable and those that are passé which have to be avoided if one does not want to repel site visits!

The theme in the consumer or retail marketplace has been characterized to move towards more interactivity, minimalism and individualistic style. This made touch-screen iOS and Android smartphones overtake Nokia phones and clothing with personality tramp classy designs, especially in the youth category. Here are web design trends in 2015 that one should consider when getting a web designer or creating own designs:

  • Videos over pictures, pictures over text
    As telecommunication companies provide faster internet connection, video streaming has become easier. Doing or experiencing is a faster and easier way to learn how to operate something than looking at static pictures or worse, texts. A video simulates actual use of an item such as a gadget. Even background designs can be made more interactive by embedding a video.
  • Larger images and larger texts with individuality
    The principle is focus and visual aesthetic. Few but larger images and texts that capture the essence of a website easily convey the brand. Adding personality to the text (by customizing fonts for thickness, detail and edginess) reinforces the website’s personality.
  • Flat graphic design
    This is a concept espoused by Windows 8 and Apple screens. It relies on playing with colours (contrasts and hues) to bring life to objects rather than using artificial means such as shadows, levelled buttons and flashy animations. The result is easier understanding and less confusion.
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